I recently completed an MA in Jewellery and Metal at the Royal College of Art, London.

With a rich and very varied background - music, computing, print, and now jewellery and metal – the past two years at the Royal College of Art has given Richard the opportunity to stop, think, question and explore what they previously believed they already knew.  As a result, they have encountered a new language which materialises the ephemeral nature of time and motion. 

Denne is based in Brighton on the south coast of England.


Main statement:

Denne’s practice brings together their interest in ‘objects for the table’ alongside the contemporary notion of ‘queering’ – the process of disrupting the normative, questioning the commonplace, foregrounding the forgotten, in confronting the lineage of the everyday objects found inhabiting the landscape of the table.

Being entrusted with the freedom to wander, a luxury given to full-time, two-year MA students, and being encouraged to take risks – the fear of failing is softened by an established supportive network – has allowed Denne to adopt the role of creative director in future projects, fearless about mixing disciplines and confident about pushing boundaries. 

Recent work enjoys the ‘play date’ between materials that do not commonly mix – silver and plastic.  This interplay between the hard, reflective surface of the silver and the transparent flexibility of plastic tubing builds to an unexpected duet of fluidity and joyful form.